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Ibiza Style Wedding DJ

My DJ journey started after my first trip to Ibiza.  I had always had a love for dance music and a fascination with DJing.  After that trip, I came home, surprisingly, with some spare money and I put it towards my first set of decks.  I loved finding new music and introducing it to people and spending my weekends trawling through the record shops of Glasgow.  I spent many hours in my bedroom practicing the art of mixing- making up demo tapes and later on CD’s.

Ibiza Style Wedding DJ

These demos became the sound track to many after parties and they ended up getting handed out to various promoters.  The gigs started to come in and over the next 8 years I managed to play in most of Scotlands top clubs.  My favourites being the Arches and Room at the Top where I DJ’d for Colours, Insideout, Unify and Rectify. Off the back of this, I held down a few pub residencies; playing slightly more down tempo music as my tastes widened.

As well as DJing, I would run events such as boat parties, farm parties and regular club nights under the brand name Rectify.  This trance night ran successfully for 8 years and was the most prominent small trance night in Glasgow.

As the saying goes, “All good things must come to an end”.  Rectify ended and I was getting older, not going out as much and showing less interest in clubbing in general.  I got married and started a family.  This is when I transferred my skills from filling night club dance floors to filling dances floors at weddings and family parties.  Turns out a dance floor is a dance floor: no matter where it is, what type of person I have in the room.  I can get them dancing with my ability inject energy and passion into a room: through my choice in music.

Ibiza Style Wedding DJ Specialist

So as you can see my back ground was House, Trance and Techno.  I now mostly play all the biggest hits from across the decades but every now and then I get to put together the odd club style set when the crowd calls for it.  If your looking for that Ibiza style wedding DJ, trance classics or a bit of techno at your wedding I’m the perfect DJ for you.  I can also hook up a Saxophonist for that ultimate Ibiza experience.


This was the promo video from the boat party we threw on Loch Lomond, mixture of house, trance and techno on the day.

Me and Mark Doc live at Park Life in Strathclyde park playing the Goodgreef extra hard tent.  We had to cover for the tidy boys who were running late.




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